Helping Children Play

Play is the fundamental right of every child. These days children are not getting enough designed space to play. Due to this they end up getting bored or spending their time & energy on mobile phones, TV etc. Keeping this in mind we started this venture named "Green buddies" where we are creating eco-designed cost effective "Recycled Play Stations" for children which will result in increased access to playgrounds to children.

In upcoming months we have planned to create 100 playgrounds across the country. To accomplish this goal, we are tying up with various organisations which are working with schools towards child development.

Our Aim

At Green buddies, we are creating Recycled Play Stations for children. This motivates them to play, connect more with nature and inculcates the recycling concept into their minds.

As our country is generating around 100 million end of life tyres (and around 1billion at world level)every year, those discarded tyres are either burnt or they go to the dumping zone, which is really hazardous to the mankind & to the society. In view of this high accessibility, strength, mass & non-biodegradability, tires are ideal objectives for reusing. Green buddies utilises these tyres & other reusable scraps. This will help in preventing illegal dumping & managing this solid waste in a better way. End result will be beautiful cost effective "Recycled Play Station".

How It All Started