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Let's Build Now !

About Us

We at Green buddies aim to deliver environment friendly and recyclable products to children. Green buddies value the environment and aim to teach the importance of it to kids as well. Our work is to develop and renovate slacken public places. We work to generate more interactive space so that people can feel the nature and disconnect from virtual world.

Let's be the change

Traditional interactive spaces have been racked by traffic, pollution, lack of greenery. By following the idea of reuse and recycle we try to create successful and sustainable projects that are friendly to the planet and to its people also.

Our Aim

To promote recycling and healthy environment amongst kids we use products made of tyres. It is evaluated that more than 250,000,000 tires are discarded yearly. In view of this high accessibility, strength, mass and non-biodegradability, tires are ideal objectives for reusing. The most ideal approach to diminish the filling of tires in the landfills is to wind up associated with tire reusing. One of the real issue in tire reusing is the strength of tires as they are difficult to separate and in this manner are seen lying in open space in extensive piles.

Our organisation is dedicated towards protecting the environment by reusing the dumped tires that pose health issues to the people around. We also try to nurture the value of clean and healthy environment to kids and with our products we try to boost their experience of play.

Why Choose Us

We work on a simple theme of making play accessible and affordable for every child by building low cost and sustainable play equipment using recyclable materials.

With a core theme of Play for all children, we are planning to build a playground for underprivileged children of "Navrachit slum School" prahladnagar Ahmedabad.

Play equipments are made with love and each of them is unique in its own way with a theme of learning through play.

Our core team comprises of five passionate members  who strive to go out of box for helping children grow!!

Come Join us in the initiative!! Together we can.