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Let's Build Now !

We at Green buddies aim to deliver environment friendly and recyclable products to children.


As much as you can by collecting recyclable materials to be picked up at the curb or taken to a drop-off location and made into new products.


Just about anything in your home, office or school etc that cannot be reused can be recycled into something else.


Throw away less by buying only what you need and by buying fewer disposable and over-packaged products.

Words About Us

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Green buddies is an organisation dedicated to enhance the experience of play for every child, as play is not a luxury it is a necessity. We are aiming at interactive learning environments for children where they gather, interact and develop with a primary focus on sustainability.

Let's be the change

Traditional interactive spaces have been racked by traffic, pollution, lack of greenery. By following the idea of reuse and recycle we try to create successful and sustainable projects that are friendly to the planet and to its people also.

Our Aim

To promote recycling and healthy environment amongst kids we use products made of tyres. It is evaluated that more than 250,000,000 tires are discarded yearly. In view of this high accessibility, strength, mass and non-biodegradability, tires are ideal objectives for reusing. The most ideal approach to diminish the filling of tires in the landfills is to wind up associated with tire reusing. One of the real issue in tire reusing is the strength of tires as they are difficult to separate and in this manner are seen lying in open space in extensive piles.

Your contrbution used locally to help charitable causes and support the organization, Support only for good causes.

We design ecological products by using recyclable material. Trust us for all the recycling needs.

Play time is the happy time that kids need. And we offer some cool ways to kids to play, learn and protect the environment at the same time.

Come Join us in the initiative!! Together we can.